Hi all, I’m Antonio De Santis the admin of ImSeoArchive.com.
You don’t know my name because in these months I’m releasing my first products.
English is not my mother tongue so you’ll excuse me if there are grammatical errors in my contents.
I hope to meet new internet marketing travelers to help me with my english and to improve my internet knowledge.
I’m the creator of this site that collect the best of the best tools and resources.
Below I’ll show you concept of this site that is new to internet marketing world.

ImSeoArchive.com in essential

You will not find unuseful info about this site. Everything is showed in synthetic way. For every tool, resource, link I’ll explain only essential. Every tool will have as attachments only the best links to help you to know all its features. The final decision to buy or to use will always be yours.

ImSeoArchive.com works

You will not find bulleshit tools and resources, but only working solutions with active support and many documentation to use. I don’t list a new product (tool o webapp) if I am not sure it works or have a great support.

ImSeoArchive.com is an ideas generator

This site is not only a simple directory, but much more. The goal of this site is to give you ideas that are ways to combine tools, resources, methods into something harmonious generating income.

ImSeoArchive.com is a goal

How much hours have you surfed the web looking for working tools or methods? You read whole threads, posts, articles, reviews and at the end you don’t remember what you are looking for. This site to help to focus only your goals with mindmap, step-by-step tutorials and analysis.

ImSeoArchive.com use an analytic approach

In my new concept of internet marketing my articles will use an analytic approach. Not a blah blah article but every problem will be scanned with numbers, graphs, trend, etc.

ImSeoArchive.com is international

This site is not only for English speaking countries, but it is for an international audience.

I don’t want to continue to say you because this site is so good, you must live it like a new experience.

Therefore the final choise is yours: you can decide if to follow this evolution or thinking that this is only a fucking salespage to get your email address.